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Examples of consulting work we have undertaken include:

A customer was starting a digital transformation and engaged Izinga to help them with this initiative. We helped the organisation to establish a startup with clear, customer-centric goals that guided decisions and the direction of all work undertaken within the startup. In addition to this, we steered the work to define an end-to-end product lifecycle using design thinking and agile delivery, created a modern team layout with aligned HR department and remuneration structure, coached the executives in agile leadership, and empowered team members to achieve efficient flow of work and reduce decision latency. 

A customer's service offering and digital product were performing badly during customer testing. Izinga was engaged to help understand why, and we introduced highly-effective techniques to validate the problem, solution and product fit. We were able to help our client identify that they were not solving a meaningful customer problem, and the service and product were both adapted to better align to market opportunities. The product and service are now live and performing well. 

A customer had endured a big bang agile transformation and was becoming technically bankrupt - not able to release change into production without significant pain and risk. Izinga was engaged to determine the core issues, which we identified as poor quality along with unmaintainable applications and infrastructure. These issues were a direct result of (1) the agile transformation because the engineering teams where never taught how to actually build, operate and support products in smaller increments with more frequent delivery, and (2) the organisation's desire to "go faster" that could only be met by engineering teams cutting corners. Izinga was then engaged to lead a software engineering transformation across the organisation to establish engineering practices that enabled the agility the customer was after. 

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