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At Izinga we do not sell one-size-fits-all models. In our experience, most organisational transformations fail because of big bang change that tries to force a cookie-cutter framework into an organisation without considering the organisation's customers, team members, technology and platforms, and other unique attributes. The peddled framework is often a bad fit for the company, the team members feel disempowered, and customers bear the brunt of these failures when the organisation becomes technically and/or operationally bankrupt - no longer able to offer relevant, meaningful, reliable or desirable products and services. 

Our approach to implementation and delivery is to embed in your teams to understand them and all their attributes, recommend a roadmap of useful and relevant improvement initiatives, and deliver the first couple of changes with the team to get them used to continuous improvement and change. This leads to much more successful change as the teams find value in the improvements and are involved and included in the decisions.  

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