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Meet Us

Some of the Awesome People Involved with Izinga

Meet Us: Clients
Jennie round.png


Jennie is our founder and CEO. She's ace at working with leaders and teams to embed agile and lean principles for sustainable working practices and frequent delivery of value - with ample experience in heavily regulated industries. She mentors many individuals including executives, entrepreneurs and product owners.



Simon is the best software engineering coach we've ever met! He helps teams adopt modern practices and tooling. He works with developers to grow pride in their craft and elevate them beyond code implementers. He also works with startups to build development teams and set business and technology strategies.

Ikora round.png


Ikora is the most effective change agent we know! She gets teams on board and on side rapidly, then helps them to understand their purpose and adapt their culture, practices, techniques and goals to get where they're going more efficiently. She is also one of our training partners and we love working with her!

Geoff circle.png


Geoff keeps our organisation running. From bookkeeping and invoices, to business and financial coaching, to paying our wages and keeping us sane! He has run many successful businesses himself, is a true asset to Izinga and our people, and we're very lucky to have him keeping everything under control from our London HQ.

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