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Some of the training on offer includes:

Minimising handoffs and waste in your software engineering team by "building quality in" and "shifting left" - moving from a reliance on testing and the detection of defects by separate testing roles to whole-team ownership of quality that focuses on preventing defects. This course helps teams and the organisation to understand what quality coaching and quality engineering really mean, and how these can be successfully implemented to "build quality in" and "shift left".

Becoming a Quality Coach or Quality Engineer - many organisations simply rebrand their testing teams as quality coaching or quality engineering teams, which delivers no value or benefits to anyone. This course is aimed at team members moving into or considering applying for a quality coaching or quality engineering role. We have extensive experience introducing and leading quality coaching and quality engineering team members and models, and this course will demonstrate many of the ways you can excel in these roles. 


Sydney, Australia

London, United Kingdom

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